Guyson International has been manufacturing blast cabinets since 1938 and this latest ‘Euroblast Plus’ variation of their longstanding, premier quality, manual Euroblast® cabinet takes some beating for versatility and features as it is equipped with a variable speed tumble basket, a turntable flush-fitting with the surrounding cabinet floor and dual blast guns that can be operated either separately or together.

Often a customer wants more than a standard blast cabinet configuration and this combination of a manual cabinet for general blast finishing, coupled with the facility to carry out periodic automatic batch deburring or surface finishing of hundreds of small components is a popular request. Thus Guyson has developed the Euroblast Plus, saving customers from having to purchase two separate cabinets and with the added benefit of saving on floor space.

Guyson Euroblast 6SF PlusThis latest Guyson Euroblast Plus 6SF (Suction Fed) blast cabinet was recently installed into a French manufacturing company and was chosen specifically because it offered the customer a separate tumble basket allowing for its low volumes of specialist aerospace fasteners to be surface finished for differing times and at variable basket rotational speeds - according to the component coverage required.

When operating in automatic tumble blast mode an internal protective safety guard covers the manual access armholes, to prevent anyone putting their hands inside the blast cabinet when the basket is rotating, and safety interlocks prevent access doors being opened.

A control panel on the back of the cabinet houses all the machine electrics and the variable speed controller, whilst a small separate control panel on the outside of the right hand door houses the basket timer and an Andon beacon - to indicate clearly when the tumble blasting cycle has finished.

This option of a flush fitting turntable, level with the internal floor, allows the customer to manually rotate their components for an even coverage, whilst they are being bead blasted inside the blast chamber. The turntable also makes it much easier for the operator to manoeuver the parts inside the cabinet if these are heavy or too cumbersome on the standard plain mesh floor.

The cabinet is equipped with two Guyson Model 900 blast guns which can be selected, via a lever on the side leg of the cabinet, to be blasting in tandem or individually - depending on blast coverage required whilst using the tumble basket. When using the cabinet as a straightforward manual blast system just one of the blast guns is selected for use and is either held in the operator’s hand or can be placed in a separate gun holder thus allowing both hands free to manipulate components under the blast stream. A trigger-operated air blow-off is also included to remove any residual powder dust from the components after blasting.

Completing this Euroblast Plus blast system configuration is the Guyson C400 cartridge dust collector, equipped with reverse compressed air pulse cleaning of the filters.

For further information about the diverse range of Guyson blast cabinets available or to undertake free component trials on your components please contact Guyson’s Customer Service Department on 01756 799911.

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